Summer Program

The weather is warming, and summer is almost here. With summer, means the completion of another year of school! This time can be great for the kids, but cause a panic for the parents! That’s because you must now make plans for what your child will spend those extra free hours doing for the next few months!

If you’re debating about whether or not to send your child to a summer program, wonder no more. Here are 5 reasons while you should enroll your child in a summer program TODAY!

They’ll Stay Active

Children can often become couch potatoes during the summer, spending their days lounging around on the couch eating everything but the kitchen sink and playing video games all day. When you enroll your child in a summer program, you can be sure they will be active each day!

Fun In The Sun

Vitamin D has many important benefits such as; improved mood, less anxiety, not to mention those beautiful summer tans! When you’re child is enrolled in a summer program, you KNOW they are getting their daily dose of Vitamin D.

Healthy Meals

The summer sometimes turns into a giant pigout session! Many parents run out to stock their fridge with meals that are easy for their children to snack on during the day (which usually equates to microwavable and junk food). In a summer program, your child will continue to receive the balanced nutrition they enjoy during the school year.


Socialization is important at any age, but even more so in children; as they are still developing their personalities and since of self. Summer programs give children the chance to meet and interact with a more diverse crowd then they would have time to during the school year. These interactions are healthy and important to a child’s mental well-being.

Activities For Less

If you are fortunate enough to stay home with your children during the summer, chances are you’ll want to take them to activities during the day. It doesn’t take long to learn that these activities can add up quickly. Summer Programs, however, allow your child to visit many activities at a rate much less than if you were to take them individually. In fact, at Young Professors Preschool and Learning Center; most summer activities don’t even require a single dime extra!

As you see, there are many reasons why you should enroll your child in a summer program. Spots are filling up quickly though, so you’ll want to get them enrolled quickly!

What are you waiting for? Enroll Today!!!!

What’s your favorite summer time activity to do with the kids?